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khowrigon 05-18-2008 10:22

Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
I'm looking ot make a pillowcase dress for my daughter & I've found someone who makes it a little differently. Has anone tried it this way & if so, do they like it better or does it not fit right?

Here's a link of a picture...

Etsy :: littledaisydesigns :: Little Daisy Pillowcase Dress - Strawberry Fields - 12 18 24 2T 3T 4T


perfectkristin 05-19-2008 03:23

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
It looks like the link is no longer working. Do you have an updated link by chance? Thanks.

babesnbows 05-19-2008 03:52

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
link does not work but this might be the same lady she sells on HC also
Little Daisy Designs Online Shop

Wendy523 05-19-2008 03:59

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
that's how I make mine. With the elastic in the casings instead of the ribbon being threaded through. If that is what you mean??

babesnbows 05-19-2008 04:00

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
Yep I just found her Etsy shop! it is the same lady :)

here is what she says:

It is made in the style of traditional pillowcase dresses, but instead of ribbon ties it is made with elastic at the top front and back and fabric ties at the shoulders. This style is just as pretty as the traditional style, but safer (no dangerous ribbon to cinch up around a child's neck) and more sturdy (fabric ties and elastic are stronger than ribbon and won't fray or slip out of place like ribbon ties often do)

Rene R 05-19-2008 04:06

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
I don't use bias tape around the armholes or ties on my pillowcase style dresses because I line mine. My preference is to have both my aline and pillowcase style dresses lined. The method that I use for lining is super easy and is the same for my alines as my pillowcase dresses. You do have a few extra steps with cutting and such, but like I said I just like the way it looks. However I do not line my bandana dress or pillowcase dresses when using a real pillowcase and for the pillowcase dress made from an actual pillowcase, I use the bias tape around the armholes with ribbons for the ties. Oh and I stitch my ribbons in the center of the dress(front and back) through the casing so that the ribbons don't pull out, but you are still able to cinch(sp?) the ribbons more or let them out a little when tying. I've never used the elastic. I wouldn't mind hearing more on how that is done.

khowrigon 05-20-2008 06:39

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
yes, that is the same lady- sorry about the link!

I'm just wondering if they fit the same? I like both ways, but the ribbon gathering around the neck makes me nervous with my 12 mo old. Just curious- thanks!

My links must be acting crazy b/c now I can't open the link to the pattern. ANyone have another pattern for the pillowcase dress?


jmb002 05-20-2008 08:07

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
I use elastic on my pillowcase dresses and it is really easy to do. All you do differently is instead of feeding ribbon through the casing you measure the width of the top and cut the elastic at that length. I feed it through the casing (all of the way around) and stitch it closed. Then I just tie ribbons to the elastic. I haven't tried the other way, but I worry about the ribbons forever coming untied and the dress falling off. It is also good, because there is give so no choking hazard.

I think I am going try lining my dresses though. I think it would make for a much cleaner look. Do you line the whole dress or just the top (hope that makes sense)?


madimacks.mommy 05-20-2008 08:16

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
Does anyone know where I can find a pillowcase dress pattern?

madimacks.mommy 05-20-2008 08:20

Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??
Sorry I found a link below....thanks.

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