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Old 12-15-2010, 04:03
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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

Originally Posted by laydewlf View Post
ok. i might get totally slammed here, and I am totally against someone doing this. I am in no way defending her. but. how is this any different than people selling bottle caps who get pictures of celebrities online and pictures of disney characters etc and put them on the bottlecaps. Isn't this also stealing someone else's work and making a profit off of it? Why don't people get so hot under the collar about that? sorry. just my 2cents.
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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

Morning Ladies

I got a message back from one of the picture owners and she was told to remove the image - she then asked for permission but was still told to remove.

hopefully she'll have learnt a valuable lesson
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Old 12-15-2010, 04:46
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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

I don't do this, so this is not an issue for me. The problem I have is that these WAHMs spend time, product and money to get photos of their items, only to have them stolen and passed of as their own. I could be rich right now if I just took other people's designs and photos, I could easliy recreate any tutu, headband, clippie, etc out there. Instead I have spent countless hours designing and making products, doing really stupid things to get my daughter to look at the camera and not make a dumb face, edit these pictures, host them and THEN bring customers to them. See all those skipped steps when you steal pics? All of my hard work, only to have to compete with MYSELF because those are my pics.
The major difference between me and Disney is my time and investment mean a lot more to me, my family and my small business than them. Not to mention these are pictures of my daughter or someone else's!
For big business it is just a drop in the bucket - for small business it means a lot more.
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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

I appreciate people not wanting pictures they have worked hard to generate to be stolen. especially ones of their own children. i would be pissed too. regardless of the size of the business, theft is theft. would one go to walmart and just start pocketing items because they are a big company and its no great loss to them? the big name businesses were not always big name. they worked hard to get where they are now too. Just because a business is successful does not make it alright to take their images and make a profit off of it. i don't make bottlecaps, but i do make scrabble size pendants and i try to only use royalty free and original graphics that i purchase. pictures that are in the public domain. i try to avoid purchasing anything i know to be copyrighted. my customers may want it, but its illegal and i'm not going to do it.
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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

Some are not my actual photos. The professinal ones were done by other makers. Better photos were used to show the actual detail of the items. As my camera does not only in high lighting. But my tutu's are exactly the same when worn.

Links to each photo of where they came from can be provided if needed.
It sure sounds like she's absolving herself of any wrong-doing
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