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Old 11-22-2010, 02:40
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Default For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Here is a list Instructions for sale. When I first started out I bought everything I could think of buying. I have 23 1" spirals with nothing but paid and free instructions in them. I already posted the links to the free ones here:
FREE FREE FREE http://hipgirlclips.com/forums/how-m...bies-here.html FREE FREE FREE

Now for the ones I purchased....You always take a risk when purchasing instructions. Are they going to be worth it? What if they stink? Well guess what....you won't know unless you buy them. I seriously would advise you to SEARCH for the names of instructions out there and see what others have to say about it and then make your judgment whether or not buy. I have bought some amazing ones and I have bought some ones that were just plain junk and so not worth the money I paid for them. I am only going to list the ones I felt have contributed to the way I make my bows and headbands. I do not go by just one set of instructions. I compiled all the info given and have come up with my own way of making bows. I do not need training wheels (sally clip) anymore and do them by hand, which is a great feeling. Do not feel obligated to buy every one that I list but if you want then go for it. I bought them all because that is just me and I like to read the fine details because not all will give out their secrets but each one will give a different secret out.

Anyway...here is my list of the ones I feel are worth buying.

This was the very first ones I had every purchased and were well worth having. I bought the actual books in the beginning and wish I had just done the pdf instead. I was new and still wet behind the ears at the time. She gives great detail on how to make her bows, tutus, and it looks like she has added much more to her instructions but has managed to keep it at the same cost. Well worth the money. She also includes suppliers and a very detailed book on how to start a business. Her career has escalated and has become very successful since back then. Her dh had to quit his job just to help her keep up. They have a huge family and a huge home and now has people working for her. I admire her for her determination to make it big.

http://howtomakehairbows.net/ She also has these on her website

This next one was a little harder and I found it was easier to make them without the wooden bowmaker. Perhaps it could have been that had already had been practicing by hand. This is loaded with lots of info and tons of photos.

For cheer bows I found this to be well worth the money. Very detailed and easy to follow. Made some adjustments to how I do some things but got enough info off of them to say it was worth it.

Funky Loopy Bow instructions. These have got to be the best set of instructions I have yet to see on this type of bow. I bought her original set but never got a chance to buy her updated one which is the one I am linking you to. The original had lots of pics and lots of details on to make this somewhat difficult bow so I am sure she has updated it with even more info. I need to just break down and buy the updated version just to have it. I am one of those that likes to read the fine details in words.

Headbands. Another set of awesome instructions. This is from a member on here and she is definately one talented woman.

Templates. I purchased these not needing them but more out of curiousity. I tried them and they are excellent expecially for someone who is new to this or just wants to improve their bows. If you are looking to make a ton of bows in a short amount of time this is also great to have. As your bows will all be the same size depending on what template you use. It was easy to follow but I had trouble as my fingers were already used to doing it by hand and with help of a Sally clip. Once you get used to a way of doing things it is hard to try something new.

Another great set of instructions. All the Frills has some great info and pics plus were a great help when it came to my pinwheels. Tons of pages of great information.

Bottle cap instructions. This one is well informative. You can pick up more info on here as you go. Tons of pages and a whole lot of photos.

**UPDATE 3-21-11**

Here is another set of have to have instructions. Great for those of you just beginning to start out. Daisy has given great detail and encouragement in her tutorial. Tons and I mean tons of pages and pictures on how to make some wonderful bows. I really enjoyed reading a new way to make surrounds. I think this technique will help those that have trouble making them. http://www.lilhiccupsboutique.com/bo...w-instructions

**UPDATE 10-09-11**
Angie's instructions are amazing. I highly recommend these as well. Very worth every penny. She has tons of pics and is pretty detailed on each step. I have watched others respond to her instructions and it did not take them very long to pass that learning curb. I was very impressed with these. http://www.etsy.com/listing/77701387...style-hair-bow

For fabric flowers...Jeni has some great tutorials and is very good at helping you if you have any questions. Her flowers are gorgeous and it doesnt take very long to get past that learning curb as well. What I liked about her tutorial is you can tweak it however way you like and come up with your own style based on hers. http://www.etsy.com/shop/fancyschmancybyjeni

Janet is another member that has some awesome tuts to offer. I know I used hers and Jeni's to come up with my own design on some. Both well worth paying for. http://hipgirlclips.com/forums/ribbo...-tutorial.html
I need to go through the rest of the ones I think were well worth the money and post them on here.

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Old 11-22-2010, 02:42
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Thanks a Bunch for all the great info
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Old 11-22-2010, 02:46
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

THANKS THANKS THANKS for all the info defiantly makes it easy to find all the stuff.. You're the best..
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Old 11-22-2010, 02:51
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

very nice of you to offer your help and time to put all this information together. thank you.
~ Jen ~
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Old 11-22-2010, 03:22
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Thanks so much! I appreciate you taking the time to put all this info into one place for us!
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Old 11-22-2010, 03:41
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

you are my bow queen ... as a newbie at times i want to throw my hands up & ribbon across the room.. you have made it easier for me to understand the when where whys & how to do bows . thank you again
tina h ..... just another newbie
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Old 11-22-2010, 05:43
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Thanks for sharing this useful information.
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Old 11-22-2010, 05:46
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Thanks for the post, and I'm not even a newbie!
"A lot of class, with a lil' sass!"
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Old 11-22-2010, 10:18
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

Thanks for taking time to list all of these instructions!
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Old 11-23-2010, 07:00
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Default Re: For newbies...Paid For Instructions

I "slept on" the idea of writing this post, lol! I hesitated to say anything since I recently began selling tutorials , but I think there are some general statements to be made about buying the "right" tutorial for you.

I too started by buying a couple of sets of tutorials, some on the above list. Many of the ones mentioned above ARE very good, but even they had "missing pieces" that I found in yet other tutorials. One of them, for instance, left out how to do "loopies" around the topper bows of stacked bows, and another one showed how to do them, but the technique was very difficult. So I think sometimes it is necessary to buy more than one, to see different writers' points of view.

Because the writer of the original post probably hasn't read ALL tutorials, I wanted to add a few more suggestions when looking for a good tutorial in general:

1. Read the listing carefully so you know what you're getting. Some are very specific for the type and style of bow the author is writing about. What's included? Do you also get value-added items (chat rooms, blogs, videos)? Do some comparison shopping and find out what you're getting for your money.

2. If the listing seems carefully crafted, odds are that the tutorial is well-done, too. Someone who writes a listing in ALL CAPS or with tons of errors might be someone to avoid. Attention to detail is pretty important when writing instructions!

3. Check out the photos. Are the bows something you would like to make? Are the photos bright and in focus? Does the author give any sneak peeks to what's inside the manual? Once I bought a non-bowmaking tutorial, and it was written in HUGE type and created in Power Point...it was very difficult to read and use.

4. The number of photos and the list of "what's included" is probably more important than the number of pages. Although something that has 70 pages might sound impressive, if there's only one photograph and one step per page, that's a lot to print out! The tut might still be useful, but it's not necessarily well-designed.

5. What's the person's feedback like? On Etsy, you're lucky to get 30-50 percent of people to respond by feedback; more than that is great, and while less doesn't mean the tutorial is bad, you have to wonder about a person who has 100 sales but only 4 feedbacks (I don't know anyone in this situation, but am using that as an example). See if any feedback is specific, or just says "OK," but keep in mind that sometimes people are pretty harsh and leave tough feedback because they "can." On one site I noticed that someone left neutral feedback for a competitor and complained that the tutorial would have been better if she had a color printer. Well, the same could be said of any tutorial, including mine .... I did take the photos in color, since this is 2010, lol! Sometimes comments cause me to scratch my head.

6. Sites like www.youcanmakethis.com have good tutorials that were read by editors and approved for sale. You pretty much know that you're getting a decent tutorial when you shop there, despite their lack of a feedback system.

7. Ask any questions of the tutorial writer in advance! If she's nice and responsive (the good ones are), then you know you'll get help after the sale if needed.

Hope that helps! Yep, I know I sell them, but this guide will support all tutorial writers who create good products. I'd much rather someone comparison shop and buy exactly what she wants -- even if it's not mine -- than purchase the first things she sees and then regret the purchase later.

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