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Old 10-22-2010, 02:14
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

i use hotglue & just use small amounts .. yes i make a mess sometimes but thats usally when i am making a new scuplture that i have never made before.
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Old 10-23-2010, 08:19
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I searched tinkerbell tut and didn't find anything. Do you remember what it was under? Ijust bought the cheerleader tut from NBNG, but I like the hair on your ballerina's better. Just trying to figure out how to do that. I'm sure its something I can figure out if I play with it.
You can find the tut here with some other adorable princesses just look though the pages. The main pages are listed in red, however make sure to look before and after to make sure you have gotten all of the photo's needed for the tut.

She does not give pictures of the hair but the lengths are there.

2" Yellow for side hair 1" Yellow for front hair 1" Yellow for bun

Then you take the 1" piece for the front hair cut it at an angel to give an illusion of bangs. Second you take the 1" piece for the bun and put glue on one side and form a circle. Then it is time to assemble it. Place the front hair piece first like she says in the tut from front to back. Place the bun circle where you want it. My only addition to the tut is that when you place the final 2" piece for the side hair that you put a dot of glue under the bun and place it at a slight angel. wrap the piece around and place the second end at a slight angel going the opposite direction onto of the first piece so that when you look at it it kind of looks like a V on the back of the neck. This will let everything lay smoother. If it sounds confusion I can post pics later. Just let me know if you need them.

Make sure that all ribbon ends are sealed. You can them place dots of glue where you need them to hold everything down. My daughter has worn hers nonstop and it is holding out really good.

Originally Posted by bcarson View Post
What is an E6000? Is that a glue gun, or a type of glue in the bottle.

Those ballerinas were really good! I don't think my "first" ones will even be displayable! lOL!
E6000 is a glue you can find with the other adhesives at HL or even Wallmart. it is in a tube that kinda looks like toothpaste.

And thank you, I don't know how displayable they are, but I like to take pictures for myself that way I can refer to them if I ever make it again or if I just want to check on my progress. Each one was made differently, and I even went back and cut the arms on 2 of them shorter after taking the pic but. Like I said I was giving them away and it was fun to learn something new.
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Old 11-25-2010, 10:35
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

E6000 is the way to go. I use a wooden stick to apply. Sold hundreds of them and havent heard of any complains yet
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Old 11-26-2010, 12:25
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

Originally Posted by RileyRabbit View Post
I tend to jump in head first on things. I made not only my first one, but my first 6 in one night using the tinker belle tutorial posted on here as a guide to make some ballerina's for my daughters class last week. I did not think about using anything but hot glue for mine and they came out great. It does take practice with the hot glue, but it goes sooo much faster. They are by no means perfect, but as it was my first try and I was giving them away for free I think they turned out pretty good. If you like something give it a try that is how you learn after all.
I'm not an expert, but those ballerinas look darn cute! What a great idea!
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Old 11-26-2010, 05:52
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

I only use a glue gun. It's just a little cheapy from walmart. After you do them so many times, you will know exactly how much glue to use. Practice makes perfect.
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

i use both it honestly depends on the sculpture...for about 95% i use E6000. yes, it can take a little longer to set, but i do like that i can position the ribbon to EXACTLY where i want it while it's still wet (i'm a bit anal about certain things). sometimes i use fabric-tac for things that i'm afraid the e6000 might bleed thru or need to set a little quicker, but i have had some problems with things coming undone with fabric tac so i try to use it as little as possible. some sculptures, like caterpillars, that i uuse all curls for, i use hot glue gun because it would take forever to wait for the e6000 to set before finishing each part of the curl. i have a huge craftsman hi-melt glue gun that my mom used when i was younger, and it's taken a lot of practice but i have gotten very neat with it! i just still prefer the e6000 the most
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

Your sculptures are beautiful! I'm waiting on my peach ribbon to come in the mail...then I'll start experimenting!
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Default Re: sculpture clippies

E6000 is glue in a tube and it is the BEST. I don't often use anything else. However, alot of people are allergic to the fumes or, if not allergic, the fumes can give you a bad headache. I use it all the time but I have a floor fan blowing on me while I work. I have tried many other glues but the E6000 is truly the best IMHO.

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Default Re: sculpture clippies

I use both and have had a bow fail with both. May be the maker's fault. It just depends on what I am making and how much time I have. I do sew alot of mine also.
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