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Old 04-29-2010, 04:36
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Default How to take apart ranuluculus (spelling?)

Not only can I not spell or pronounce this flower, I can't take it apart either. I took it apart to get the middle out so I could replace it with a rhinestone and when I put it back together, it looks like a completely different flower. Is there a particular way to take these apart?
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Old 04-29-2010, 06:17
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Default Re: How to take apart ranuluculus (spelling?)

Bumping this...

I have the same exact question... my sister bought some of these in a GB and gave me 3. I took one apart and it's now a hot mess. The center does not come out easily as you know- layers of plastic dividers and it just totally fell apart when I was done removing the plastic dividers and stem and now I can't get it back together either.

Do we use all of the flower layers when we put them back together? Or are some left out? The finished flowers I've seen are so pretty... how do they get that way?

Sorry I can't help... but hopefully some other ladies will come to our rescue.
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Old 04-29-2010, 06:30
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Default Re: How to take apart ranuluculus (spelling?)

I turn mine upside down before I take them apart (who knows why, just part of my weird logic). I only do two layers at a time. Make sure you don't line the petals up, you want them so that the centre of one layer is in front of where the two petals on the layer below it meet. Hope that makes sense. It also really helps to cup them in your hand when you piece them back together. I just use a circle of hot glue on the base of each layer and that seems to work. HTH and I didn't confuse you!!

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Default Re: How to take apart ranuluculus (spelling?)

I actually start gluing them together before I take the flower apart. There's 2 layers, then the plastic things. So what I do is hold the flower upside down, glue the first 2 layers together (this would actually be the bottom of the flower). When the glue is cooled and the layers are together firmly enough, take the bottom 2 layers off, and proceed to glue the next layers together, set aside, and continue until done. You can wait until all the layers are separated and glued together to assemble the whole flower or put each of the glued layer stacks together as you go. Just remember to NOT line the petals up...stagger them so the middle of one petal is between the ends of petals on the layer on top of it. Does that make sense? (the more I read I read the more it doesn't even to me!)

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