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msiluvbows 12-02-2009 11:13

ribbon on Kufi?
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Hi, would anybody help me out? I seen that some kufi hats have ribbon in between the little holes like this one that i found. How do you hold it in the middle? glue it? sew it? what if you add the ribbon and the child that puts in on has a bigger head, wont it be tight? is it adjustable?
Another question, lets say i sell a kufi hat with a flower attached for lets say 8.00 and the person wants to buy 2 more individual flowers to match, around how much do you ladies sell the individual flower for? what about if the person buys a red kufi w/a blk flower on it and them wants to purchase a pink and a whit kufi alone so that she can use the same blk flower on all, do you sell the kufi alone and for how much? I'm having my first show and those are things that crossed my mind. Sorry:):)

mmfinn 12-02-2009 11:22

Re: ribbon on Kufi?
I put ribbon in mine and I use a toggle on the inside in the back, so it can be adjusted as needed.

As for pricing, I haven't had those questions come up, so I can't offer experienced advice. But, I would just say if someone asked, I would just offer some kind of a discount on the flowers. (Like if your flower clips were normally $3 each let's say, maybe offer her 2 for $4 or something??) Not sure about the individual hats though. I have mine all pre-made with flowers and ribbon. Hope this helps a little bit :-)

garfield615 12-02-2009 11:26

Re: ribbon on Kufi?
Which show are you doing?

For the ribbon around the kufi, some ppl use a toggle to make it adjustable, and there are others who use that bra slide thingy. Someone had posted instructions on how to use it (search bra slide). I have also seen some that just leave the ribbon as is, when wearing they make a bow with the ends to fit snug in the back.

Personally I have sewn mine, but I have only done it for the baby ones where I know it would fit for sure since they have small heads. Make sure you don't sew on tight or exact.

Hope this helps!

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