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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I was a SAHM before I started my bow business. When my son was diagnosed with autism, I seriously considered going back to work, just so we could afford the OT, ST and ABA therapy. The more I thought about it, the more it didn't make any sense. Yes, we'd have extra money and/or better insurance to pay for the treatments, but I would have to take off two hours early three times a week just to take my son to his appointments. No employer I know of is going to put up that for very long. I always made bows and clips for my daughter and everyone said I should start selling them so I did. I sell to four different stores in my town and I easily make enough to pay for my sons' therapies.
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

Simply amazing stories. Please keep them coming.

I other hand work full time and do bows when I have the time but it is mostly for my daughter. Maybe someday I would like to take the road and do the "Bow Business or something similar"
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I'm a SAHM so I can't quit my day job(s)! lol. I put the kids to bed at 7 and work till 3am some nights. I just started in April and am working on getting my website running and all the things made that I want made. The list goes on and on... It's real tough, especially after hanging out all day with a 21 month old and a 7 month old, but bow-making is so relaxing to me. I don't know whats going to come of all this but I'm excited to find out!
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
I'm a stay at home mom but the bow business is what i'd consider part time. I spend my days either taking care of the kids and family or working on my business. Nothing else at the moment. I'm so busy turning this into a real thing.

I just wanted to say that I like your signature. I wastrying to type yesterday with my son in my wasn't working. lol
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I haven't had a day job since I was laid off in May. I work online when I can, usually at night. I do crafting during the day and at night. I am a mother of four, so this gets tricky.
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

Right now I am in school getting a specialist degree in school psychology. I will have thousands of dollars in loans (as in well over 100,000) and I dont even know if it is what I want to do anymore. I am just so much more in love with bow making and to be honest I am making bows right now and I have a report due at noon....I guess I better get started on that instead

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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I didn't actually quit a job, but made it so I didn't have to go back to a job once my kids went off to school. My story is long as it started almost 8 years ago. Stared selling the first hair bow instructions that were sold on ebay. Did that solely for a year, sold the first printed books, and filmed DVD. Then I started transitioning into wholesale hair bows as the instruction competition took alot of business, started my first website, even had to hire and employee to help. Eventually, needed office workspace and bought out one of my clients. So now, eight years later, I have three part time employees, sell wholesale to over a dozen customers (many other shops have come and gone,too) worldwide, lease office space, sell DVD's on RABOM and Amazon and make a few hundered retail orders a month. It is good.

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