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Old 11-11-2009, 11:25
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I have thought about it, but to be honest I love what I'm doing right now too much. I get the best of both worlds. I run a licensed home daycare. I get to be home with my own children, spend time with other children and when they are napping and in the evening is when I make my bows.

Prior to opening my daycare I was a psych nurse in a 109 bed facility. Some days I feel like throwing in the towel and just working on bows but most times I'm pretty happy.

I sell in a few stores and just brought my product in and asked to speak to the owner or manager. I sell bulk orders at a wholesale price to a few stores and others are on a consignment basis.

I also get quite a few customers by word of mouth. I donate bows and hats to our local children's hospital. My oldest daugher (5) has a metabolic condition and has spent a considerable amount of time there. I attach a business card to the ones I donate and often get calls that way.
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Old 11-11-2009, 11:55
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I think we've all "thought" about it.. BUT unless I could sale 6000 Kufi hats a year I don't see me being able to quit my day job ever. My husband sales real estate and works part time so he stays home with our kids for the most part. He's my SAHM except without the cleaning part. My day job is our main income and I just do the bows on the side.. mostly started because I enjoy it, and it's slowly turning into a suplimental income for me/us. I like my 40 hr a week job, I get to be on HG all day long and I make great money and have great benefits. Starting in Jan I get 4 weeks of vacation bc I will have been here for 10 yrs. It's the oil and gas industy.
I do sometimes get annoyed when I hear SAHM not having time to do this and that. I'm like REALLY?? I TOTALLY agree thats staying home with your kids is a job and it's hard and you don't just sit and watch TV all day etc... but before you complain to me a working mom, consider working a full time job and doing everything you do all day in about 4 hours every evening. I'm not talking about anyone on this site so keep your panties on.. I'm referring to a few of my sahm friends. They are so stressed and busy and didn't have time do laundry or pick up their own kids from soccer practice... IMO it's because they don't know how to manage their time. What you can't do laundry when your kids are home? I do think being a SAHM is hard bc you have to spend all day everyday talking to a 2 yr old.. but working moms also have it hard because they have to spend all day talking to co workers and playing nice then come home and do their second job.

With that being said.. I think I like working bc I don't want to stay at home and only talk to a 2 yr old all day everyday. Plus I like my SAHD to cook dinner for me everynight.. now if I could get him to clean and do the laundry I'd be happy. NOW if I could make enough money doing only bows I'd be out of here... My kid won't be 2 forever.
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Old 11-11-2009, 12:20
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I have not quit my day job and i dont think i ever would even if my accessory line did double my income. That would be put me well over 100k a year which would be AWESOME but i need every penny i can get my hands on for me and my daughter. God willing i will grow this business and who knows, ask me that question in 2 years and i may have a different answer for you
www.kiwishomemadelovelies.com coming soon

I am SO over buys right now ....
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Old 11-11-2009, 12:24
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I would love too! Only prob is I am 18 haha! Therefore I dont foresee me quitting my day job anytime soon. I have a full-time job as an Insurance Office Rep,right now I make $7.50 an hour,and for every extra license I get I get a $1 raise. I am working on my P&C license now and will take the test next week and then be making $8.50 an hour then as I take my rest that will go up. I have an excellent job! Plus the owner here is like my grandpa,my dad works for him also,and we see him as family. With that being said he is like 70 ish,and will retire soon. He makes $700,000+ a year. I am hoping that when he retires in the next 10 years I will take his place which is very possible.
Therefore,I think I will keep my day job! I do love my business alot. I work 8-5 everyday and still find the time to make inventory. It works for me. I am always in a constant rush for shows,but I can handle it.
My boss also owns lots of buildings and houses,when he dies they will all be left to my dad. So when that time comes,and my dad gets everything,I will then prob. quit my job and open a store in one of the buildings.

But for my business I do make good money. I sell to 2 stores here local,my website,etsy,ebay,and myspace.And I have craft shows almost every weekend during craft show season.

Okay so this wasnt supposed to be so long but I am at work and bored!
My office is at the very front,so all I do is talk to people,take payments,file,answer the phone. Which is a plus because all I do is sit on HG allll day.

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Old 11-11-2009, 12:30
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I would love for my business to take off and provide a decent income but I'm also a working mom. I'm just currently on maternity leave and don't return to work until the end of April 2010. I took this time to see if launching a business was feasible for our family since I have the time to focus on it while I'm home with my girls.

I don't know if I'd quit my day job though. I love my job and where I work (I'm a college librarian) and have great benefits and perks. I also set my hours so that's a big bonus.
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Old 11-11-2009, 12:32
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I quite work, not to sell bows but to go back to school full time. I am in Nursing School and will graduate 8/2010. Hopefully then I will have more bow making time.
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Old 11-11-2009, 12:41
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

HEy! well im a 23 y/o mother of 2 boys... a 4y/o and 2 year old! I work as an EMT for at a local station and let me tell u it does NOT PAY WELL AT ALL (around here at least)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went part time last year and took the chance of loosing everything , NOW with my "bow bussiness" i have 2 boutiques i do consignment at and i also have a few clients who purchase wholesale monthly..... and it seems like every other weekend i have a craft show, some kind of cheer,dance,ballet or sports group wanting bows for their teamsand not to mention the bow parties i do durring the week It keeps me super busy and you really have to give it ur all to make it selling bows But My Job as a bow maker has been very profitable for my family (thank god) i actually make more money working from home and with my own schedule than i do working on the ambulance(i continue to do so because i love it)! I love both of my jobs but i must say the money for me has been in bow making and i love that i can still be The Stay at home mommy/Wifey and continue to help support my family while doing something i love!!!!!
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Old 11-11-2009, 01:01
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I work full time in accounting. Although I'd love to not have to work and stay home full time with my 15 month old DD, it's just not feasible right now. My husband works full time and goes to school full time and I do the bow business on the side. I haven't had any online sales from my website yet but have had some from myspace, as well as have them in 2 stores and making the craft show plunge in 3 weeks. I don't see how I could ever quit my job until DH finishes school and can make more $.
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:44
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

I did quit my day job for the “bow” business. I was a Human Resources Director for 15 years and loved, it was really difficult path for me because I was in a male dominated industry so I had to work twice as hard to be successful. I had put so much into my career and education, I needed to make sure that coming home to be with the kids would be personally rewarding as a mom but also as a successful educated businesswoman. We were very smart about all of it. I worked the “bow” business for more than a year while working full time so we could understand the business and customer demands. I wanted to buy all the inventory, cargo trailer and travel trailer with cash. I did not want to start a business and only create debt.
I quit my job and have never looked back. Some things had to change at home and there are times when a bad show will create more stress than it used to BUT I would not change a thing about it. After all, I am home for my kids when they need me and I am still a successful businesswoman.
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Old 11-11-2009, 03:03
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Default Re: have you quit your day job

sometimes i think i would like to quit my job and just do bows. however right now we need me income. right now my bow business gives me my blow money. it not much but it works. if i quite my job it would have to be income. right now i love making bows and all kinds of things but i worry that if it became something i HAD to do that i might get burnt out on it. who knows maybe someday i will
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