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Old 01-02-2009, 02:28
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Default Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

If I make them for my own children or nieces. Is it against the law? This law is KILLING ME and KILLING US ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Ugggghhhh...Maybe we should send letter to President elect Obama. Maybe, He support small business that's definetly gonna die beacuse of this law and that will make the economy getting worse and worse. I think he wouldn't want to have more economy issues in the first few months of his duty as a President.

Whaddayathink? I know it's sound silly. I think there's gonna be change with him go the white office, Like a better economy but look now, many small businesses that is the back bone of our economy will die soon. I'm hopingthe change that he will make is by changing this law to a better law for all of us. *crossing my finger*

I mean let's face it, hairbows are not toys so they shouldn't include them in this law. Big manufacturers can afford the test maybe because they make hundred thousand of product each year. But US???? way less than that.....

UGGGGHHHH....I have nothing to say anymore....I got headache just thinkin about it. I was thinking to make a lot of babies so I can use my ribbon supplies to make hair bows for them.

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Old 01-02-2009, 03:22
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

If somebody finds a way to legally submitt a valid petition, count me in!!
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Old 01-03-2009, 02:18
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

I am an eternal optimist. I firmly believe they had no idea of the repercussions this law would create. I hope that they will amend this law to exclude non-threatening items, such as hair bows. A child under 3 should not be left unattended with a hair bow due to the fact that they present a choking hazard. If it doesn't get chewed on, the phthalates / lead won't enter their body via the digestive system. We just need to make sure we sign petitions and write letters to educate our representatives so they know that this impacts us devastatingly when it really shouldn't.

As I understand this law, it is written for manufacturers of finished products for children under 12. If you are making this for your daughter, it is a hobby - not manufacturing. So I think you're okay! I am going to continue to make hair bows for my daughter and sell them internationally after February unless some laws change. I don't have 300K to pay the fines!!!

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Old 01-03-2009, 09:48
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

HI! For what it is worth, I called an attorney that I used to work for and he gave me an earful. He told me that more than likely there will be changes to include textiles, or small businesses, or just something. He said to hangtight and just let the process work right now. Kinda scary because I can see my dreams of a boutique childrens store going down...somewhere.

I would absoutely not worry about making bows for family and friends. What are they going to do? Fine you for gifting? I too hope that the Obama administration will bring change and a better economy. If nothing else, I hope his foriegn policy will let my husband not be deployed as much.
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Old 01-03-2009, 12:23
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

I too am waiting for what is to come. I think it will change, at least I hope it will.
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Old 01-03-2009, 04:22
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

This whole law crap is making me sick. There are too many avenues out there to speak your voice. I am not sure which one is the one that will make a difference.

Personally I feel that manufacturers should do the testing and supply buyers with batch numbers. As buyers we should show the batch number or certification stating that the products used were tested and are compliant with the law.

I cannot imagine a huge fall out like this happening to us. If this goes through the way we are all dreading then there will no longer be craft shows (huge money maker to numeorus cities in the nation), all of the suppliers (TRR, RABOM, etc) will have no one to sell to because we would not be able to afford it....you all get where I am going with this? It will be a huge domino effect and it will hurt the economy more than they are thinking.

Not only that....they will have to spend lots of money alone trying to stop the black market approach which you all know will be a huge problem.
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Old 01-03-2009, 05:10
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

It just sucks that we are all at a standstill until this gets resolved. I had so many resolutions for this coming year, and I want to get started on things and I feel like I cant until I know what is going on.

Also, like someone said, absolutely no one knows about any of this. I have spoken to my friends about it, and they all say "what?" You would think that this would be a major story in the media, and yet no one is talking about it- except us of course!
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Old 01-03-2009, 05:33
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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

I think it would technically be illegal to make hairbows for your own girls as the law currently stands. Don't quote me on that though.

It just shows how ridiculous it all is.
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