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Old 12-12-2010, 08:28
mum2tianna's Avatar
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

You have your hands full! I have 3 children. 16, 6 and 2. Our day normally goes like this.

6:00am 2 year old is up, I get coffee on and start breakfast.
6:45 wake up 6 year old, test her sugar, give meds, feed her.
7:00 wake up 16 year old, he has a long drive to school, feed everyone, start putting on 6 year olds creams (it takes about 20 min)
7:40- Daycare boy 1 arrives
8:00 - Finish getting 2 year old and 6 year old dressed
8:30 -get everyone ready for the bus. (snowsuits suck)
9:00am get back from the bus, set up an activity for the little ones and do my house cleaning.
10:00am get snack ready, have story time/craft time etc..
11:00am make lunch, clean kitchen and get kids fed and ready for nap.
12:00 kids go down for nap and I work filling orders etc.. while I'm doing that I get the laundry done as well.
2:00 the kids are up, we have snack, they play while I clean up my work station.
We head for the bus around 3:30
Once I get Tianna home, I test her sugar, feed her, do her therapies etc..
5:00pm daycare kids are picked up
5:30 we have dinner
6:00 is homework, baths, stories
7:00- Tianna gets her meds, creams, test her sugar, massage her legs etc.
7:30 lights out for the girls, help my son with his homework, clean up kitchen, prepare Tianna's night meds.
8:30 I'm down in my "bow cave" and finishing up orders, packaging stuff up to ship and running my favorite time saver my Roomba lol.
I'm normally in bed around midnight.
2:00am I'm up to do Tianna's night feed and by 6:00am we start all over.

Time savers for me include my crockpot (it's my lifesaver)
my roomba ( I have it running all the time)
Trying to stay organized helps, I love my white board and my bulletin board above my work station. I always try to keep track of orders in time they arrive. I have bins that I put a sticky note on with their order, as I finish things I check it off. As soon as it's complete I package it up and put it in my shipping pile.
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Old 12-12-2010, 11:35
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

Wow! I honestly can say I probably couldn't do it with that many kids! I run a day care out of my home and my prime times for Hair Bow making are 5:30-7:00 am (when my neice and nephew are here before actual day care starts and they watch tv and chill out) and nap time, from about 12:30-2:30 in the afternoon. I have 3 girls aged 13, 5 and 10 months, so the evenings are strictly spent with my family and not hair bow making, unless I have a crazy order that neds to get done. Plus , we are in bed by 9:00 pm because I am up so early! I think in this business we just have to take slotted time out of the day to do what needs to get done. My house is not immaculate, but it is clean, and the family has clean clothes to wear, and they are fed!
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Old 12-12-2010, 06:33
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

wow Kudos to you ladies with such full schedules and working from home and running your business. I guess I'm spoiled, I do have 3 kids, a 13y/o and 2 y/o b/g twins. I usually wake up @ 7am everyday and get ready for work. Drop the twins off at the sitters by 8:15 and then stroll into work at 9:30-10. I work a full day, there are times though that I pull 14 hour days but those are rare, thank god.
I pick up my children around 6pm, we head home and thankfully they are already fed by then. We arrive home, play, read, bath times, read a bit more, then it's night night night by 8:30, they konk out by 9pm the latest. then I run through the house like a tornado & clean up. I work on my orders from 9:30-12:00 am, most nights but not every. I have an assistant who cuts out things for me & she helps me fufill orders. All custom orders I take care of. Weekends are my time off for everything, I don't do orders unless they are my wholesale orders/custom orders but that's after every one is asleep. I like the fact that I can spend weekends free of both my jobs and truly dedicate it to my family.
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Old 12-12-2010, 07:33
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

I only have two children but feel overwhelmed sometimes too. DS goes to preschool from 1-3:30 M-F, if baby naps between that time I work on stuff. Otherwise i do it after they go to bed. I will say I don't clean too much. Dishes once a day, pick up here and there. Once a week I get fed up and clean everything. We also have only one car so I drop off hubby at 5:45 and pick him up in the afternoons. I wish I had a better schedule to stick to.
~~ Dana
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Old 12-16-2010, 12:39
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

Originally Posted by mum2tianna View Post
Time savers for me include my crockpot (it's my lifesaver)
I love my crockpot!!!
I have 4 children at home, 12, 10, 7 and 5...I am a SAHM and I take care of my mother who is disabled and lives with us. I generally get up at 7(my hubby gets the kids up, I am NOT good at mornings) younger 3 have to be to school by 7:45, older one at 8:30...then home to feed my mom and dole out her meds...coffee, breakfast, FB, email, etc. Shower, clean up from breakfast, laundry. depends on the day of the week what I do...Mondays-watch tv with mom while doing computer stuff(aka learning, researching, wasting time!)Tuesday-grocery shopping, Wed-bows/crafting, Thurs-Bible study, Friday-Walmart/Walgreens etc. Home for lunch with hubby and mom...give her meds, shower her or watch a show while folding laundry. Pick younger kids up at 2:45, oldest at 3:30...snack, homework, if dinner isn't in a crock pot, cook...M/Tu/TH-basketball 6-8, Tu ballet 4-6. dinner time depends on what is going on, girls to bed at 8 at the latest, boys by 10, then hubby and I do a quick run through and pick up the house...work on bows or whatever I can get done......I don't hold myself to any certain schedule, because things come up...like this week the 12 yo DS was sick on Monday-strep...last night mom was admitted to the hospital and had to have a minor surgery and 6 blood transfusions. I don't have a spotless house, but it is clean-even the laundry is clean...now maybe not put away, but clean
I KNOW I waste a ton of time on FB or here, but I get done what I need to in the time I need to get it done!
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Old 12-16-2010, 01:02
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

I do everything at night...i go to sleep really lateee...
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Old 12-16-2010, 05:03
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

I sometimes look for excuses not to tidy up!!
I hate Ironing with a passion!!
I Love Facebook...and cityville...!! And im always able to make time for that.......well apart from when the internet decides to strike!!

My time managment kinda sucks!!
My priorties at times suck!

I beat myself up a LOT....
I worry about everything...then when there is nothing left to worry about....I worry about why im not worrying!! (Therapy.... or a good kick up the backside!!??)

DH...jokes that i am his case study......I probably am!!
I am the most indescisive person in Ireland...maybe in Europe...maybe in the world
I do have a slow cooker.....and two freezers, I just never remember to take something out for the dinner....so maybe i need a huge board with yet more reminders....and then have colours like...green....not a priority....orange....It needs sorted...red....get your arse in gear and get it done........but then you see, I would be the type of person who takes a note then writes another to remind myself about the first note and its a vicious circle!!

LOL.....The Irish are mad!!!
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Old 12-16-2010, 10:45
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

i have 4 kids. 9, just gone 3, 1 (20 months) and 4 months. my day usually goes a little like this.

i get up at 7- 7.30 get C ready for school and change and get the girls dressed.
8.30 drop C at school
get home again and give the girls brekky in there high chairs

THIS IS WHEN I TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY to do most of my house work. clean up kitchen tidy lounge and collect all the washing to be done that day.
if im lucky the girls will be in there highchairs for around an hour ( long time i know but i make the most of it) then its morning tea and 2 out of 3 girls are in and out most of the morning playing ect.

lunch time- girls are back in highchairs and while they are eating i usually do a bit more cleaning. then its sleep time so that usually means i can get more cleaning done again. then once they wake up we have a play and then is almost time to get C from school.

pick him up and then its just play time until its time to cook tea. like atm im on here but the girls are also asleep so im conquering mount foldmore.

then its time to cook tea get the kids bathed/showered girls are usually in bed by 6.30 and C is in bed at 7.30 but we are extending that out to 8 now. then a bit more housework just tidying up after the day.

inbetween all that i do the usual check FB here and other bits and pieces.
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Old 01-24-2011, 12:41
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

I admit it, I royally SUCK at managing my time and I can't stay organized to save myself. What's really frustrating is that I tend to gravitate towards super organized people, which just makes me feel worse - LOL. I was a SAHM for 19 years until this past month when I got a part time job. The problem is that now I have zero time to do anything!! Here's my day:

7:30 - Wake up, make coffee, check email
8:30- shower and get ready for work, think about & prepare dinner
10:00-2:00 work
2:00-3:00 - come home, change, pack dinner for daughter
3:00-9:30 - drive daughter to ballet, hang out (1 hour eachway - M,T,W,TR) run
errands, grocery shop, etc..
9:30 - Laundry, dishes, pickup house, emails
11:00 - bed

The only time I see to get anything done is while I'm hanging out while daughter is at dance. What types of projects work for times when I'm away?
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Old 01-24-2011, 01:29
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Default Re: How Do you manage time!?

Woven headbands are great for times like this. Also cutting ribbon to the right lengths for bows, korkers. Rolling korkers if you make your own. Maybe if you can, in nice weather, take pics of your finished products outside so you have them ready to list (if you have an online store). If you have a laptop, you could edit pics (if you have the programs on your laptop). Or you could write up your descriptions to copy and paste into your listings. You could even sew bows while sitting there waiting as long as the ribbon was pre-cut or you have the spools with you.

Originally Posted by Divasmom8 View Post
The only time I see to get anything done is while I'm hanging out while daughter is at dance. What types of projects work for times when I'm away?
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