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Old 03-11-2012, 12:27
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Default "Difficult Customer" warning -long story!

SORRY, this is a LONG STORY!

About a month ago I had a lady contact me to make a custom designed birthday shirt for her daughter. It was a really short notice to get it done but since I didn't have any other orders during that week I thought no problem right. Well I was WRONG! Although, I did get it done in time for the birthday party the whole process was a nightmare!!!!!!! In my 6 yrs of doing this I have never had to deal with someone like her.

First she let me know the character she wanted on the shirt. K, I made a computer image of what the design would look like and then she changed her mind on a different character???? OK, I did that character and she was fine with that but was going to purchase both anyway cause she wasn't sure yet which one she was going to put her in.
Next she couldn't make up her mind what color of shirt she wanted to put them on - I already learned by this point not to make any suggestions because It only confused her more on making up her mind on a color!!! seriously??
Finally, I just put it on a black shirt because I thought it would show up better. Completed Only 1 outfit because it took that long for her to make up her mind on colors. I did include a matching bow. By the time this whole process was done with that 1 outfit not having enough time to do both and felt like maybe I so undercharged! lol.
Well a couple weeks later she calls back to have more items done. "deep breath" She wanted 3 designs made, gave me an idea of what she wanted and colors. After designing the 3 computer images, she then wants to change them entirely. After changing them 3x till she was happy with them we run into the whole "what color of shirt should i put them on" deal????? At this point I'm ready to just cancel the order but hubby makes me follow threw and finish them and then be done with her.
Mind you this was at least a 2 week notice but prolonged her decision making to the end!!!
So she contacted me again Wed. wanting 4 shirts done by Saturday - yes, yesterday!!!!!!!! Well I let her know that It could be done if she wasn't going to be paticular on the design and trust that I will make it look good!!!! Needless to say when I thought she let me know a color of shirt she wanted and loved the designs, she changed her mind on the colors again!!!!! Well I didn't get any of them done - I didn't even bother any further when she said she would call me back that day after she got out of work to discuss it further?????? JUST TELL ME THE DARN COLORS YOU WANT!!!! OMG.
Anyway, she did pick up some of her babies outfits I had to embellish and match up with bows. She txt'd me later after picking them up wanting different colors and wanted to pick them up no later than the next day????? I just let her know I was sorry and she had in her bag every color I had in stock and didn't have the colors she wanted. I get a reply with -when will I be ordering more ribbon so she could get the colors she decided she wants instead!

I REALLY JUST WANT TO TELL HER I QUIT!!!!!!!! REALLY, I need to probably charge extra for pain and suffering! lol.
I dread her txt's and phone calls. What sucks more is she's someone I used to go to school with so we know each other and live in a very small town. I don't mind doing short notice orders if I don't have any other orders at the time but she totally is starting to give me a creative block when dealing with her!


Sorry about the long story, I needed to get it out!
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Default Re: "Difficult Customer" warning -long story!

Just tell her nicely, I am sorry but I can't seemed to help you and the needs you are asking for. You have other paying customers orders that you need to fulfill.
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Default Re: "Difficult Customer" warning -long story!

Oh my, sometimes people that are that indecisive aren't worth the headache. I would tell her next time she calls that you appreciate her business, but that you are swamped and can't meet her deadline.

Sounds like she likes your items though since she keeps coming back....

Or you could just charge extra for having to deal with her.....or better yet, tell her the first artwork work up is free, if she wants changes that are completely different from her initial idea, it's an additional charge. Maybe then she'll make up her mind.

Good luck
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