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Free Hip Girl Clip Instructions Hip Girl Clips instruction--Butterfly Clip, Ladybug Clip... Open to all members.

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Old 10-05-2007, 11:20
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Default Bumblebee Hip Girl Hair Bow Clip Instruction

I realized that a lot of Halloween costums are bumblebee so I want to post this instruction ASAP. I forgot to bring black and yellow gold ribbon with me on the trip to Yellostone. So I made one using hot pink and green. Please substitue hot pink by yellow gold ribbon, emerald by black ribbon and gold wing ribbon with white wing ribbon. Sorry about it.
* glue=fabric tac
** hot glue=glue gun
1. Use 1/4" ribbon
2. Use 3/8" dowel.
3. Wrap ribbon on the dowel then glue the overlay together.
4. Back view
5. Top view
6. glue a piece of ribbon on back so 3 rings are 1 big piece.

7. Remove from the dowel
10. Attache 3 rings and the big loop together
11. Back view
12. Glue piece of 'head' ribbon as shown
13. Back view and How to make antenna.
14. Glue antenna

15. Back view
16. Right side view
17. Use 2x4" wing ribbon. (It's Offray GALENA. Click here to purchase if you cannot find it in your local store.)

18. Make 2 loops (side view and top view)
19. Glue together
20. attache wings on body
21. Hot glue to line clip
22. Grosgrain ribbon wing--Same technique as Butterfly wing


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Default Re: Bumblebee Hip Girl Hair Bow Clip Instruction

Love these!
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Default acyclovir cream canada

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