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Facebook Tips Facebook is the second largest website in the world, with over 500 million active users. Worth trying. No self promotion please.

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Old 09-16-2013, 12:10
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Exclamation What To Do?

Ladies I don't know if this is where I should put this but if not please tell me where to put it.
I'm sure some of you here have been through this problem and I'm hoping I can get some tips from you on how to deal with this. My daughter & I are in business together (We wasn't but decided to)...Her friends sister is under cutting us & when we post a item for sale on FB (We haven't announced it on here due to trying to get it all together) then this sister goes & makes one almost like the one we made & undercuts us & sells hers, while ours never sells . I personally don't think this sister is making money the way she portrays she is through the grapevine due to us somewhat knowing how much items cost to make to sell. We think she has downed us to local potential customers cause we don't have very many likes & we even had a big sale on Labor Day & didn't sale one single item. The person is local (in the Town my Daughter lives in). We have some great ideas we've come up with but we know as soon as we post the items...Well here goes the copycat & under cutting. We're working on a website (Which takes forever to do lol) but once the word gets out then we wonder if it won't happen there too. We don't do any craft shows due to the sister cause we know we won't get any sales with her right there beside us. How do you deal with the local people who do this to you? How do you get your sales going with this going on? By the way it's nobody here (That I'm aware of hehe). Thanks so much & please help us to know what to do & how to handle this. Hugs
Raspberry Ruffles

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Default Re: What To Do?

First off, no one under cutting will take sales away from you especially if your set-up is in social media.....You have to market yourselves to customers, and please give your customers some credit. Yes there are a few people that will purchase based only upon price, but most will spend a bit extra for quality and customer service.
Assuming that you are talking about facebook; do you have the same friends?....get new ones.
Why can't you do the craft shows? so what if she is next to you? are her products better than yours? If she is copying from you, I doubt do not sell yourself short and have this individual run you out of business.
Definitely get a website, but not before you are ready to as it does take a monthly expense of about $50. you may be able to find one cheaper, but you have to make sure you can support whatever your monthly costs are.....
Back to marketing yourselves.....find other venues and/or marketing options. Sponsor a cheer gym, gymnastics or dance studio. Get a few things together and put together a give away bags with some business cards in it. Go out and meet your potential customers....I don't even know what you do, but lets say you make tutus, make about 4 of your cuttest ones put them in a nice bag with your business info on it and drop them off at individual dance studios....either a dance mom, the owner....someone from that studio will order one or more from you. They may even call upon you for costumes.....just an example of how to market not let anyone and their cheating ways take away your just have to work a bit harder to get yourself established....
I know I may have came across very harsh in the beginning, but hopefully you see my point.
I do wish you the best. Stay focused and work ahrd and you will be good.
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Default Re: What To Do?

I agree with Cheerstones. If all you are doing is social media, then you need to think outside the box. Hand out cards at daycares, schools, etc. I get quite a bit of business from teachers and parents at the local schools. And just because she is at the craft fairs doesn't mean you won't sell anything at them. There is a completely different clientele at craft shows who probably won't care who she is or sho she is friends and are looking for a quality product. I wouldn't give up on shows. It is extremely hard when someone undersells you locally. I have went through that myself. There are always customers who are looking for a cheap deal (usually the ones who would be asking you for deep discounts) but most customers want quality and they will figure out sooner or later that an inferior product while being cheap won't last.
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