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Old 11-08-2007, 06:02
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Location: Small town in Louisiana
Posts: 2,302

I really like this group and I will not be going anywhere. All of you ladies are very creative and talent and I'm very greatful of you all to share your ideas with us. I have to agree, it was hard to try to keep up with the new posts. I'm not able to spend much time on the computer everyday but I do log into this forum everyday (even before the contest). I'm a member of about three other bow groups and I like this one the most. Everyone is friendly and helpful here and thats what I like most about this group.

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Old 11-08-2007, 06:17
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I agree with you Sarah. And I want to say sorry. I think I have offended quite a few people here saying ‘the posts are not as interesting as before’ in my last post. Well, I may have not made it clear. When I said that I meant a lot of ‘wow, great, cool, cute etc’ and comment on very old posts ( As you mentioned) And those posts made the board so chaotic so I could not keep up with quality posts. It’s so tiring to go through all those to find good quality ones.
I did not mean to say the contest is not fair, and there is nothing to do with Michelle, either. I actually did not feel sad, just a bit funny (perculiar). Michelle, I know that when you started the contest you just wanted to bring good things to the board, but there were obviously issues which were unforeseen and out of your control.
And needless to say, I am very busy and I just check the board when i’ve got spare time. There is no way for me to compete in this contest but I love to see deserved people to win . Well, every contest has a meanning, the bow contest is for inspiring creative work in bow making, the most active member contest is for people who are the spirit of the board, who keep the board living.
So hope I’ve made myself clear, and sorry to the people who may have felt offended with my last post.
I love this board where members are so friendly and supportive, and an endless source of excellent ideas and tips and so on, so there is no way I’ll leave the board. Hope others sharing my thoughts, too.

Originally Posted by tiff705 View Post
It's funny.... I like it better when there is a contest because people, who have always been active on this site, actually post more and share more of their photos with everyone. I have gotten more ideas in the past week than I have in a long time. I just hope that everyone will still log in here everyday and help each other out. I am so clueless on some things or am second guessing myself and I feel like you all will give me your honest opinion on everything. I not 100% agreeing with everything else everyone said. EVERYONE was posting like crazy..... but I will say, this time around was more purposeful than the last active member contest. There were some really cool instructions shared. I don't like the rating thing though.... I DO agree with everyone else on that because we are here to help and what I might think is a good idea might not be a good idea in someone else's eyes and vice versa. But in my opinion... and no one else has to agree with me... I like the info (for the most part) that is shared on here during these contests. I will agree, it is different. When the contest is not going on, I just see the " regulars" on here and now I see a lot of new people. I also will say that some of the posts were getting out of control... there were people repeating themselves... like "Great Job" and then 2 pages later saung "Great Bows" and it got them points and was repetitive... thats just silly. It is nice to compliment everyone on their work and give feedback, but we are here to be honest, not just get points. The topic about old posts coming up... well, you could obviously tell that was happening.... there were introduction posts from months ago that were being brought back up.
Bottom line, I don't think it is fair for everyone to all of the sudden say that this is a bad contest and unfair. Everyone's life is different. It is a lot of work to keep up with some of the posts, but you can read an opening paragraph and see if it interests you and then move on if not. It just doesn't make sence to tell Michelle that this is not a fair contest when everyone is guilty of doing what they are complaining about. A bow contest could be considered unfair because maybe I am not as creative as someone else. Life is unfair ladies...
Also, Michelle, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. I love this place. It is my number one resource for ideas, tips and advise. I feel like I can get an honest opinion on things, and I feel like I know these people on here. Even when I have a personal problem, I come here and write about it because you all are so friendly and supportive. Thank you so much for that!
OK, just wanted to give my opinion, since everyone else got an opportunity to.


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Old 11-08-2007, 07:42
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Location: Deep South
Posts: 1,719

I am just now reading this post. I liked the contest- but I am on dialup and it's impossible for me to keep up.

Thank you Michelle for talking about the image size. Sometimes it really messes up our puters on dial up!

I don't know about all of you- but I am EXHAUSTED from all these new instructions! PHEW!
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Old 11-08-2007, 09:49
justjoan's Avatar
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: west michigan!
Posts: 2,944

I haven't been a member here very long...matter of fact, I think I joined just as the contest was starting. As is typical, I kinda breezed through the rules, etc, not paying much attention because I knew I wasn't brave enough to enter a bow contest (!)

The credit thing, I did watch that somewhat...it was a way to let me know I was actually contributing something, even if it wasn't much, rather than just lurking in the background. I guess I didn't think too much about winner vs loser.

Being new here, I think you should know, I have been amazed at how wonderful you all are to share your ideas, humor, warmth and prayers. Even though you know someone is going to copy your ideas, you willingly share and help them do so! Don't you think that makes you all winners!?!?

I can see how the reputation ranking could hurt. Sort of like being chosen last in gym class!

Having a bow contest with no one knowing who made the bow is a nice idea. Like that. Love this place.

Kind regards!


ISO: manners
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Old 11-09-2007, 07:24
OakleyDaisys's Avatar
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Location: PA
Posts: 837

I wanted to say something about the reputation system quickly. I'm not for using it as a contest to "rate" people, but otherwise it's a good system. I belong to a forum that uses it and it serves as a place to leave feedback for any transactions. We also use it if we think someone did a good dead or something like that. It's not something we use to much but it's nice to have so we can leave feedback. Another forum I'm on uses it as a joke. They either like to give excessive positives to people or excessive negatives to people, not in a serious matter though, just for fun.
I wanted to just throw that out there.

Also Joan it was nice to hear what you said
Amanda~ Mama to 2 Free Spirits, 2 fur babies, and 29 fluff balls.
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Old 11-09-2007, 04:58
*Jill*'s Avatar
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Posts: 1,726

okay so what some of you are saying is if you have nothing to say other than you like the bow that you should not post?

and what is wrong with replying to an old post? if you are new here it would be a new post to you.
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Old 11-09-2007, 05:35
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Location: PA
Posts: 837

Originally Posted by *Jill* View Post
okay so what some of you are saying is if you have nothing to say other than you like the bow that you should not post?

and what is wrong with replying to an old post? if you are new here it would be a new post to you.
No, there is nothing wrong with saying you like the bow, but when you say so twice in the same thread, it gets kinda redundant. KWIM? (when I say "you" I do not mean you inparticular, I mean in general)

There isn't really anything wrong with replying to old posts it was just weird for me to see replys to some of the very first posts I had made months ago.
Amanda~ Mama to 2 Free Spirits, 2 fur babies, and 29 fluff balls.
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Old 11-09-2007, 05:41
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Location: Chicago
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Thank you all for your input. I'll post the bow contest soon.

Have a great weekend.

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