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Default Re: How do you make your elastic lace headbands?

Thank you!

Originally Posted by simeonsmommy View Post
I just made some tonight & I sewed them together. HTH
Ok, I may try it both ways. I wonder if you could smash the hot glue and lace together with a pair of pliers?? That might make a mess

Originally Posted by jenniflower View Post
My sewn lace ones did not stay together well ( maybe I didn't sew them good enough), so I glue them and I haven't figured out how to not burn my fingers! I think I am immune from hot glue gun burn by now!
Thanks, for all your help!
Originally Posted by DanielleK View Post
Haven't made any yet, but I am going to sew mine and then glue. I'm thinking you can lay it on a silicone mat and glue that way, so you don't have to hold it or burn your fingers and it will peel right off the mat when cool. Since I put the headband between my rosettes and a felt backing, I'll hide the seem in there.
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