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Default Re: photoshop and bottle caps

When using Photoshop you work with layers. You're able to create something using one layer, but using more lets you play around if you make mistakes.

You have two layers. The background layers and the circles layers. What you want to do is search for image and make sure it saved somewhere that you are familiar with on your computer. The most ideal place would be your desktop.

With the template open follow do the following:
In Photoshop, click on File, Open (Ctrl+O). Select your image. Click open.

Your image will open in a another tab. Select the image. You do this by Clicking on Select, All (Ctrl+A). After you select your image you should see the little "ants" marching around the image.

Look on the left hand side and there should be buttons. At the top there should be a button that looks like a cursor with a directional arrow. Click that. If you can't locate it, press the letter V and it should highlight.

Click on your image and drag it to the template tab. When you do this the screen should switch to to the template screen and the cursor should turn into a plus sign. Then drop the image and it should appear on the tab. Look to the layers section and you should see your image there as well.

Follow the rest of the instructions that she has given you and you should be fine.


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