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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

I wonder what it would look like if someone were to use the fake distressed floor as a "wall" and the fake wall paper as a "floor"; and if you were to take a picture with the bow on the wallpaper/floor.

So you'd have the artsy shabby chic of the distressed floor with the potential of catching more attention if people stop to figure out why something looks a little out of place.

And, the bow wouldn't be sitting on the dirty "floor".

FWIW, I was surprised to see the resistance to Maxine's observations. I realize there are some very talented bow makers that do a great job of showcasing their items; and if they are doing really well there's no sense in fixing something that isn't broken.

But it's kind of like those real estate agent ads: "every market is different". If your sales aren't quite where you want them to be then observations like this would seem to be worth some consideration. Even if your sales are great, there may still be room for some more.

Anywhoo, JMO.

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