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Default Re: Square - Accept Credit Card Payments through smart phone?

I have a square for my droid and I love it! They recently changed it so you pay the same for swipes and keying in the card number. My customers love that I can either text or email them their receipt and everyone thinks it's a really cool thing when I pull it out. The only thing I would recomend is a stylus to use for signatures since it's kind of weird to use your finger to sign on the screen. I like that everything is free except for the actual transaction which ends up being like 2 or 3 cents on the dollar or so, but I only pay when I use it and have no monthly fees, I even downloaded the app on my husbands phone and enter my login and he can take payments for me too. It's just neat that people can pay with card at all shows and not having to worry about needing a phone connection or wifi. I like it!
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