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Default Re: WWYD-honest opinions...

I would spend the money on an embroidery machine, learn how to use it and kick her to the curb. If I was the customer and there was a long sleeve when I ordered a short sleeve I would be pretty upset. Customer service has to be number one. Customers are more likely to complain if you messed something up than if you did something right. You have to work twice as hard to get positive word of mouth out. I can't even imagine how she would have acted in front of the customer. She needs a major attitude adjustment.

Oh and I started this business with my sis in law and wow was that a mistake! She was wanting to split everything 50/50 when I made nearly everything, took photos, edited, posted, advertised, ran facebook. But if I sold a bow I made for $10 she expected $5, oh and thats without her even buying supplies since she doesn't have a job and could not provide more than $100 start up money... She is still "technically" in the business but hasn't made anything since our craft fair in October and I haven't give her a dime.
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