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Default Re: Ribbon Key Fob

$2.00 each? Wow, was she a non-profit? lol. I made some by buying supplies from Crafter's Vision. I made them to do something for people who don't have girls, older women, etc. But once I made them and starting wearing one, I love it! I sell them for $5, and I think I am cheaper than most around with that price.

Here is the scenario: You drive and park somewhere, get out and put your keys in your pocket. You go to get the kid out of the car and hold them on your hip. Yup, keys are in that pocket. Then you have to shift squirming kid to the other side, get keys and switch again. I don't know how many times a day I did this.

With the key fob, you put it on your wrist. The 10 inch length of the webbing is the perfect length - without using another hand, you can grab your keyless lock thingy and push the button to lock the door.

It beats the hell out of fishing around in your black hole of a purse after loading groceries, etc. so they work for all types, not just moms of small kids.
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