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Default Re: WWYD-honest opinions...

How would your friend feel if she went to a restaurant and ordered a plate of spaghetti but then the waiter brought a plate of lasagna and said, "It's Wednesday so you probably would like this better. I made this decision for you without asking you first. Even if you don't like or want it, I'm not giving you a discount. You must pay for the lasagna."?

She was wanting spaghetti and expecting spaghetti. If she wanted lasagna, she would have ordered lasagna.

I bet you $1000 she would tell the waiter where they could go and she would send that plate back and say she wants what she originally ordered!

What she did was very wrong. I understand she is your friend and she has helped you in the past, but I think you need to rethink your business relationship.

Sorry this is happening. Good luck!

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