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Default I need some help please

Hey ladies,

I tried searching, but I cant for th life of me find anything, maybe I just dont know what they would be called to search for. lol

I love these type of bows....

And I have sort of figured out the middle bow, and I can do the surrounding loop, but I had some questions about the bottom pieces, the spikey straight ones that just stick out.

is it one piece that goes from left to right, or top to bottom, or are there 2 small pieces in the same color that the designer put on either side. also, how would i go about attaching them. is there a certain way I would put the clip on with them? Also, about how long would each of those pieces be? I know it depends on the bow, but lets say for one that size?! This may seem kinda dumb, I'm just brand new and want it all to be right. lol TIA
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