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Default Re: How to price tutus and tutudress's

Originally Posted by iluvstarz2001 View Post
I don't think $60 for a 12 year old is too much at all! I mean, you look on etsy and there's 2-3T sizes for that much and even more. For the future, I would make a set price for each size, depending on the type of tutu and how much work goes into it. That way it's right there on your website, etsy, facebook....wherever you sell your stuff. If you have loyal customers, they will come back to you no matter the price. Trial and error for pricing is all you can do. If they're not selling for $60, put them "on sale" for a period of time for $50...that's a good way to get your repeat customers who will end up realizing your quality is good and won't mind paying the "retail price" once your "sale" ends
That helps appreciate it. Im thinking if I had to guess 300 yard of tulle for that size. I will deffinitly do the sale from time to time. Right now Im selling them very well but this was my first order for a bigger kid.
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