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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by JessicaJ View Post
Hmmm...I had the same thought some others had, why do they think they are getting the "floor" bow but not the "head" bow. Hmmm, in the end, it doesn't really matter why they think that, just that this is the way potential clients think.

Maxine, this has been invaluable. I know I tend to create things to order, but clients wouldn't know that unless they read everything or know me, which, even I don't read everything, so I have to assume others aren't reading entire listings, shop policies, etc.
I think their thoughts are something like this (which is what I gathered by listening to them):

They don't think they're getting the bow on the girl's head because it's being worn. The object of the bow is to wear it in your hair. So, if they see it being worn (meaning modeled), they think it is now used (because it has been used for what it was intended for). They believe the bow they'll receive will be from the seller's stock. (I can understand what they mean. I'm sure they don't want to pay full price then receive a bow that has scant hairs on it or whatnot).

With the bow on the floor, they can see it isn't being "used". It's just getting dirty lying on the floor.

(geez, I hope that all made sense lol )
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