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Default Re: Gotta figure this out, help me please!

Lol, that's ok, I figured you would be back when you had time. Congratulations on the win

Your bows are looking much better! You are definitely on the right track! Are any of them made with 7/8" ribbon? It looks like the camo ribbon one is 1.5" ribbon? I'll post a pic of my 1.5" one tomorrow. I think the loops on the left need to be poked out a little bit...if that makes any sense. Like close to the center the loops look a little too flat. I'll post another pic tomorrow and maybe you'll see what I'm talking about. Your 3/8" ones are looking pretty good!

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Is it tomorrow yet? LOL Okay so it took me a bit longer than I thought to have time to get a picture and have time to type all at once, but the good news is WE WON 1ST! Okay, not we, but my daughter's 8th grade volleyball team did!!!!!

I think I got it, the picture is HORRIBLE, really need to find where my 2yr old hid the camera and stop taking pictures with my phone. LMK if I still need to work on it, but after your tut it just seems right now, actually so easy that I am kicking myself for fighting them so much. (easy means I probably have it wrong!) I wasn't able to get online to check lengths for ribbon for different sizes when I was playing with them so I guessed, still need to go check how close I was.

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