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Default Re: Gotta figure this out, help me please!

Great instructions and use of pics to describe this bow. I still have troubles with this bow and you make it look so easy.

Originally Posted by awhite214 View Post
First off, please excuse my chipped fingernail polish, I almost re-did the pics because it looks so tacky!
Hopefully these will help you a little.

pic 1 - this is what your ribbon should look like after you fold it and before you pull out the pieces to make the loops

pic 2 - another view of the folded ribbon

pic 3 -this is what it should look like after you start pulling out your loops. This is the bottom view. The very top ribbon goes down and the ribbon on the inside, left goes down. The ribbon on the bottom right goes down, the ribbon on the top left goes up and the tail piece (this would be the tail piece on the inside) goes up.

pic 4 - this is the top view of the ribbons coming apart

pic 5 - this is what your ribbon should look like now. You should have an X in the front and the ribbon that is in the back should be straight across.

I have 5 more pics for you, but I gotta take care of the kids and dh I'll finish posting in a bit.
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