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Default Re: How do you make your tutu's, single or double?

Yeah, you do have to be careful when you use the elastic headbands (not the crocheted). If you stretch them out too much they don't go back together as pretty.
I am going to make a couple with elastic that are for the bigger girls. I will try to make sure that people buy sizes that are appropriate.

As for the price, I barely scrape by myself and I hate being ripped off. I rarely ever charge more than double what I have invested in the item.

I may try selling them for $10 at the first couple shows and see how they sell. Unless I am not figuring my cost right, I don't have more than $3 or $4 in the tutu and that includes using glitter tulle on some of them.

I think my tutu's look as full if not more full than the ones I see around here. I don't put ribbon over the top of the waistband (some people do), but I am putting bows or flowers on the front of them to jazz them up.

I am open to any suggestions. Would anyone be willing to post a picture of theirs? I will post a picture of one of mine if I can figure out how (I'm new to this).

Thanks for the suggestions on the price.
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