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Default Re: How do you know when a tutu is "done" ?

Originally Posted by Braids'nBows View Post
This is the type of knot I use, as she does in this video. She also shows the slip knot method beside it to compare how much fuller it is than the slipknot. I think its a square knot? Like when you tie your shoe, doubled.
Thanks so much for the video link. I think you've cleared up some confusion for me over the use of the term "square knot", as applied to "No Sew Tutus".

She describes the first method she shows as the "double knot" method. She compares it to the knot you use to secure your shoe laces after they've already been tied. First you tie it on, making sure the ends are even, and then you tie the ends.

A square knot is very different and is used in macrame. From what I've read it's sometimes used in double layered tutus, but only after two colors have been linked together. I think that's what makes the knot "square" the fact that you are working 4 strips together ... or to be more accurate, two strips times 2 ends on each strip.

Anyone that has made a "gimp" keychain is familiar with the square knot. It's pretty easy with the plasticized cord once you get going. But I imagine it's tedious and cumbersome with tulle; and it's probably hard to get the ends even. It might be worth trying if it created a sharper distinction between colors than the "up down" method with slip knots.

Anyhow, from now on unless someone is describing a two toned, reversible tutu I think I'll assume that when they say square knot they mean double knot.

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