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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by RazzleDazzle View Post the "stock" part. Thanks for asking, that's really good to know! Wished I sold more to be able to "stock" items.

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
That's funny. They "know" they're not getting the bow on someone's head, yet they think they are getting the bow on the floor?! Lol. In any case, this thread just goes to show how people perceive things, and I think this has helped a lot of us. Thanks Maxine!
I think their perception is that the bow on the girl's head is a "display" model. If it were being sold, it would be listed as "used" because it's already been "worn".

The ones on the "floor" haven't actually been worn (they're just dirty from being on the floor.. well, you know what I'm saying).

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
When I saw this post I thought of the HG who also asked why put your baby on a dirty splintery floor. lol.

I think babies and kids sitting and standing on the floor is adorable.... but looks like that's where the cuteness should stop I guess. I do like bows on pic frams or just plain white backgrounds.

Great Study Maxine.. NOW what will be your study next week?
Geez, after we got done talking about the "modeled bow" this morning, I got up and went to sit somewhere else. They were chatting up a storm!
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