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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Bingo! Go to the head of the class Krysia! That's exactly what they thought!

Those floors do look real. Remember the thread that was here a while back.. someone posted about how bad she felt for a baby because it was lying on a floor like that? She was a HG and even she didn't know the floor was fake.

One lady even asked what a seller would find so appealing about putting a hairbow on the floor. Why is it down there? What's wrong with photographing it on a table?

(these were some of their questions).
When I saw this post I thought of the HG who also asked why put your baby on a dirty splintery floor. lol.

I think babies and kids sitting and standing on the floor is adorable.... but looks like that's where the cuteness should stop I guess. I do like bows on pic frams or just plain white backgrounds.

Great Study Maxine.. NOW what will be your study next week?
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