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Default Re: Should I buy a Cricut or ...

Originally Posted by cobyshayngirl View Post
Yes you absolutely need the cutting mats. I buy the 12x24 mats b/c I cut vinyl. I have cut fabric w/ mine, but I'd rather do it by hand. Sometimes the machine can catch the fabric and then you've wasted some. But I won't make that same mistake cutting by hand . If you do try it, you need to add the stabilizer first. The mats are sticky. Whatever you're cutting goes on the mat (paper, vinyl, fabric, does NOT cut felt) and then the mat feeds through while the blade cuts your design. I just used my cricut for the templates and still cut by hand. So if you're only wanting it to cut fabric, it's not worth the money.
I was just going to ask if it could cut felt lol darn, my SIL has a cricut and I was wondering if it could help me with a project Im working on... I have to make 9 cute smiley faces (using felt maybe) and I thought if I could use that it would make it look a lot neater & would be easier.
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