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Default Re: Help with twisted Boutique bows

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I'm in the same boat!! I need help with tips/tricks/advice on hwo you get the loops to fold inward and all look the same. I've tried forming them when startching, and that works sometimes, but sometimes there is a loop that will not move inward the same as the others. I use the gripper and everything looks even, it's just when I try to fold the loops inward. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!
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the only problem with your frog one is you need to make your X taller and thinner before you start to sew. Not sure about the one stubborn loop lol that happens to me on occasion also. Just make sure when looking at the back that both pieces are as straight as possible and that in the front both pieces of your X are at the same angle. I hope you understand my "bow speak" lol
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