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Default Re: How do you know when a tutu is "done" ?

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
yes spread them around, the more you add the more you will stretch the elastic and then it will be too big for her...on an average for my daughters waist size i use 50 yards of tulle to make it super full, no more and my daughter is a size 3t in bottoms
Originally Posted by TinasK View Post
You don't want to stretch the elastic too much; otherwise there won't be any give to it when someone wears it. When I make my tutus I stretch it just enough so when I pull on the elastic there are no spaces where you can see the elastic if it's stretched. The elastic keeps its shape and will still stretch. If you get it so tight it's not stretching anymore you've gone too far. As far as waist measurements. I've found using 7/8" no roll elastic that if I make it 5" less than the waist size I want it works perfectly. HTH

Yeah, I think I'm crowding too many strips on. Thanks so much for the great advice everyone

(it'll have to wait until tomorrow though.. I'm all tutu'd out for today )
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