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Default Re: Looking for instructions for something similar to Toe Blooms

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
My neighbor got several pairs of these at her shower. She dreads putting them on her baby because the baby sucks the ever living life out of them. She has one white pair which she'll put on but she will no longer put the colored ones on her because she is afraid the baby is sucking the dye out of the ribbon.

Also, she removed ALL the bling from them because the baby gagged on one of the pieces that was on one of the pairs.

Jmo, but I'd only put these on kids that no longer suckle their own feet.
That would be scary!! I'm sure the person who makes them would put a warning in with them when she sells them. I don't think I would leave them on my baby unattended with them on.

they are sooo, soooo adorable!
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