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Default Re: WWYD-honest opinions...

Wow! Ur friend has a lot of nerve! I do embrodiery and applique and if I messed up a order by accedent then I would not be mad if u gave a discount! I would have offerd it for my cost to be honest and told you that I had done it on the wrong shirt and see if the customer would have wanted to take a discount ont the long sleeve shirt or if she would want the short sleeve! THats insane that she even got mad at you! Secondly I think you may have to find someone els. Look how much extra stress she is putting on you! You r dealing with the costumers not her, you have to explain the mess up, her mess up, not her! I know its harder bc. she is a friend, but you have to protect ur buisness! She should understand [email protected]!
Have u tried to talk to her about this? If not try and see how she responds and if it comes down to it than u can always find some one else or just not offer the matching shirts. Good luck!
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