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Default Re: Heatseal Moonstitch

I have no idea but I'm in a moonstitch GB so I was motivated to search the web and it brought me back to Hip Girls.


Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
I cut mine at an angle, where I catch it at a stitch point on both sides. Does that make any sense? Then I don't have long strings hanging. And then when I seal it, I seal the string too. Let me know if you need a picture and I can take one.
Originally Posted by bluebegonia45 View Post
I angle mine, too. It took me forever to figure out how to cut them just right! Sometimes I have to quickly press the freshly sealed crocheted piece (so that it is still warm) to the edge of the grosgrain to be sure it doesn't dangle. If that makes any sense! You have to be careful with the moonstitch, though, it browns faster than the grosgrain. Good Luck!
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