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Default Re: What Kind of Fold?

Originally Posted by RazzleDazzle View Post
yes please do! i'd love to see it! I've been trying forever but I can't perfect it.
I will as soon as I am able to try it. I was going to give it a try today, but my daughter who will be nine months old tomorrow was really fussy and pulling at her ears. I ended up taking her to urgent care because I suspected an ear infection and I was right...she's got another double ear infection just two weeks after she got over her first double ear infection AND RSV!! My poor baby girl. She was so exhausted that she was falling asleep while I was changing her diaper, giving her the antibiotics, and putting the drops in her ears and is now in her bed sleeping. I think I can probably sit down and get the ribbon cut and sealed now at least! I had a bunch of bottle cap clippies to finish today, but didn't get them done. Oh well...gotta get my princess healthy. With my luck she'll end up with two sets of tubes like her youngest brother did.
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