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Default Re: How do you layer your ribbons?

Hey there!
Don't apologize, we cruse these boards still, and still search for posts tagged "cheer bows", so we may not see one if it hasn't been tagged.
So anyway, looking for measurements? Keep in mind, everyone makes their bows differently, I prefer to make all star style cheer bows, with nice big loops and short tails, tails are shorter for my daughter and my samples, unless they (customers/coaches) ask for longer. (And even then, I still try to change their minds!) JK
for 1.5" ribbon, I'd mark at halfway, then again at 6" or 6.5" from center in both directions. for my 2.25" ribbon, I measure 7" in either direction, and for 3" ribbon I measure 8". The ladies here love to help, don't hesitate to ask anything else!

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