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Default Re: WWYD-honest opinions...

She does them by machine. I know its hard work either way but she has pretty much made me feel at times as if I'm just throwing a tutu and bow together, while her line of work is much more involved.

I think I just got my feelings hurt more than anything cause I do take such pride into what I do. Yes I do it for $$ otherwise I wouldn't have taken it to the next level by opening a shop. But that being said I like customers to be happy and fall in love with what they are buying.

I have even had to give customers refunds due to her really jacking up shirts before.

She justified the long sleeve tee by saying it is middle of winter, and that onsie's have been messing up since they are $2 walmart tees so she decided to give her a better quality (LONG SLEEVE) shirt...but why not corispond with me on that? Then she even said that it was for a baby so they are probally putting long sleeve tess on her anyway...ummm no not when you live in the south!!

My main question these sorta situations should we be giving each other discounts for selling for each other...and what is the going rate for a custom appliqued shirt and time frame given to make it?

Originally Posted by MaredithRoberts View Post
Does she have an embroidery machine or do them the old way? The reason I ask is I do both, and honestly it takes me considerably more time to do a tutu and probably my bows for that matter. I tweak and retweak them quite a bit. The shirts take hardly any time to set up, and the machine runs while I do everything else.

I personally think you were absolutely in the right for the discount and that maybe you should look at redoing the agreement.
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