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Default Re: Rockin Ribbons alligator clips.......

Originally Posted by maudie65 View Post
so all of the alligator clips have teeth? or just the mini doubles?
im confused because on the website there is a picture of the regular single alligator clip but when i click on the link, theres another picture of clips with the teeth!?
so if i order single alligator clips from rockinribbons they will be the ones with the teeth?

Hi on our retail website the single, double and mini single are plain(no teeth) in our buy we have new ones coming in which are the mini double and they have a small row of tiny teeth on the top portion but i have samples in hand and i love them, very nice clip

we do carry a 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 curved clip w/teeth though also. thanks, paula
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