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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

lol...never thought about it since i dont take my pictures on any floors whether they are real or not - even before i started up my page on FB and just sold on craigslist i have always used a plate, a piece of felt and now a dollar picture frame that i took the glass out of and put some scrapbook paper where a picture would be at and glued some ribbon on the top and the bottom so i can clip my bow on to take a picture.

even when i sell my DD's clothes on craigslist i take a clean sheet and lay it on top of my bed and take the pictures that way. i HATE HATE HATE seeing ads in craigslist of clothes on the floor may they be carpet or tile - GROSS!!!

and for my tutus i take our nice white rocking chair, clean it off and drape the tutu on it and use my weathered fence as a background.

but its good to know and i cant wait for part b of the research!!
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