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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by lilgapch View Post
Never thought of that on the view of a buyer
I've been thinking about this.

Bowmakers work hard on creating their hair accessories. They want to photograph them well so they can make a sale.

So someone comes up with the idea of a faux floor. Bowmakers rush to jump on the bandwagon. They put lots of time into creating their faux floor environments. Special papers, new baseboards... lots of goodies to create the illusion of a REAL floor.

Voila! The faux floor idea spreads like wildfire.

However, the customer... who has no idea how much effort went into creating something FAKE to make it look like it's REAL buys into the illusion that the floor is REAL.

They make a decision. They don't want a bow from the floor.

It's kind of hard to blame them I guess. The bowmakers were so successful at creating the illusion that it convinced the consumer completely.
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