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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by RazzleDazzle View Post
great insight! thanks! that's something to think about. I wonder if moms have problems about products being modeled on a child's head, like say "I don't want to put that on my daughter after its been 'worn'" kind of thing.
You know, that's a very interesting question! I think I might ask them on Monday, when I'm there again for class. I know there are a few who won't share combs/brushes because they're afraid of getting head lice from someone else.

Originally Posted by masha1999 View Post
I find it intriguing that a picture can become the person's reality, but that's what marketing is all about really!
Very true!

Originally Posted by Veronicascloset View Post
I use the faux wooden floor but instead I use a setting, like a plate or something to put the accessory on then place it on the floor, we in here know its a faux floor but customers don't and in the end you are trying to get the customer to buy your product. You have a few seconds to grab someones attention before they move on and if the first thing that pops into their head is that "eww it's on the floor" you've lost the sale & they have moved on.

I see ladies keep your floors & find new ways of using them in your shots!
This! Exactly. The whole point is not to aim your product at a fellow bowmaker (yes, we do look for approval and acceptance from them) but, in the end, that's *not* who the target market it. It's the mom/grandmom/aunt/sister who is wanting to buy a bow or hair accessory.

I have to say, I personally don't know where the "floor" idea came from.. or why it caught on like wild fire. And while the photos are gorgeous. they don't really make sense to me. It's a spatial relationship thing for me. Bows = head/hair.. high up. Why would they be on the floor/ground?

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
That is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing, Maxine!!
You're welcome hon
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