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Default Re: tutu overalls

I made my own pair last night to just try it out a bit.
I love them. THey are so cute.

its the rolled tulle LOL
Shes only 7 months old,soI didnt need alot and this was PERFECT size
for the "bib " of the overalls.
I just stuck it on my sewing machine and gathered the one edge.. and
gathered.. and gathered LOL.
I didnt gather much.
Then I pinned it on the overalls at the waistline up above the
beltloops.I doubled it over and folded it on one side but you cant
tell and then sewed it on along the line I gathered It frilled
around the top edges and looks SO cute so I left it that way.
Its sewn to the overalls.
the bows are pinned on and removable.I just plan on washing in the
machine on delicate and line drying as I do w/ all her handmade
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