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Default Re: Rockin Ribbons alligator clips.......

Originally Posted by paula123 View Post
Thank you! we appreciate this post

we do have a group buy going on them right now and we have 4 styles, the single, double, mini single and mini doubles(these have a small layer of teeth on the upper portion but we have the samples in hand and tried to cover them and they cover fantastically!

so if you want any just ask for the invite or email me at bill080133 and i'll get the invite to you.

i placed my order last night as i need to restock myself and that's why i extended the buy to the group to add onto my order but i can order more, they should ship out by Tuesday as i talked to the factory earlier in the week to give a heads up on counts of what i thought i would need
so all of the alligator clips have teeth? or just the mini doubles?
im confused because on the website there is a picture of the regular single alligator clip but when i click on the link, theres another picture of clips with the teeth!?
so if i order single alligator clips from rockinribbons they will be the ones with the teeth?

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