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Default Re: How do you make your tutu's, single or double?

Originally Posted by h2tfaith View Post
I am doing mine single (with only one strand of tulle). I squeeze them together as tight as I can.

I am also using headbands, but I am so confused about what you are saying about doing more than one row. What kind of headbands are you using? I am using the ones that look like a piece of colored elastic that is really thick. There are no holes in it. Are you talking about the ones that people are putting the bows on (the crocheted ones)? If so, are those really big enough to go around a waist?

I would appreciate any help. I am just making these for the first time. I was planning on selling mine for $7.50. I am from OK and craft shows are not what they used to be here. If you don't sell stuff cheap it just doesn't sell.

I think mine look full enough though.

Yes, I am talking about the crochet headbands. They are very stretchy. I have done them on elastic is well, but I always doubled. Those, I am thinking that squeezing them closer together might get some of the same effect.

I buy my tulle HL only when it's half off. I don't have anymore avenues available to me unless I ordered online. I may have to consider that. But I really just started.

I can't see how you can make any money at 7.50. I am sure they look great, and you might be cheating yourself. I wouldn't go any lower then $12. For me it wouldn't be worth my time. But I have a 40 hour a week job. So I have to maximize my time.

Thanks ladies. I am going to post one I did last night later, but I still think I won't want do less then $18.
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