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Default Re: WWYD-honest opinions...

well first of all i dont think that you were wrong in giving the customer a discount since what she saw in the picture was short sleeve and that's what the customer wanted - it was your friends fault for not doing the order right in the first place. secondly i would keep photos of your friends shirts and show them to the customer and tell the customer i know of a person that does embroidered tees here is her work if you would like one here is her number so that you can order one from her. that way you are still sending her business BUT she is solely responsible for everything and has noone to blame but herself. thirdly i also agree with OP that you shouldnt be splitting the profits down the middle - you are doing more work than she is by buying the shirt, taking it to her, picking it up, taking picutres for the website; what is she doing just embroidering the tee? you are getting the short end of the deal here since she is just sitting at home waiting for you to do the rest....a partnership is 50/50 on EVERYTHING, work included not just profits.
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