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Default WWYD-honest opinions...

I make tutus and bows, and a friend of mine embroiders shirts so we make outfits to sell and split the profit. (we sell for $40). None of this really bothers me until I realized how much more work and frustration I am having to deal with just to sell outfits a.ka. her shirts!
First of all I love her dearly...she has helped me out so much but letting me borrow supplies to open my store etc...
But, on countless occasions she's messed up a shirt and then I am left to deal with "our" customer. The lastest incident was a mardi gras shirt I asked her to do for a customer that came in the shop and ordered...she was looking for a outfit for that coming up weekend and I showed her a pic of the lastest outfit "we" put together...she loved it. So called said friend asked her if she could get it done in a week. she agreed.
The customer was going to come in on Saturday to pick it up, shirt friend drops off the shirt that morning...IT WAS LONG SLEEVE!!! here is where the opinions are needed. I ended up giving the customer $5 off...selling the embroidered shirt for $15 instead of $20
When I told shirt friend why I gave the discount she got pissed. saying noone knows how much time and work is involved etc...
But keep in mind we are in the south and its hella hot right now, spring is right around the corner...and the girl ordered what was in the pic...short sleeve not long I right or wrong for taking it upon myself to give her a discount?
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