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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Imteresting topic! I mean REALLY, when you purchase something, you NEVER know where it's been. LOL The bowmaker could have picked her nose or sneezed and then kept folding ribbon. The family dog could have whipped his furry tail across a pile of newly made bows and sent them flying to the floor which hadn't been vacummed since last week. That worker at Joanne's who cut your ribobn may have strep throat. Ya know??

I had a coworker once who would never read "used" books, because "you just never know where it's been!" MMMhmmm, like we really know when we buy a book from a store!!

I find it intriguing that a picture can become the person's reality, but that's what marketing is all about really!
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