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Default Re: Gotta figure this out, help me please!

Originally Posted by awhite214 View Post
Lol, I guess it would be helpful if I attach the pics

The pictures are helping!! I already figured out I was trying to pull the top loose end with the solid piece directly behind it, instead of alternating to the next lvl, if that makes any sense. I was getting it shaped to a simi bow shape, then literally twisting the ribbon of the loops to get them to look close to what I wanted.

I have a couple that I am comfortable with, but going to try a few more before I take pictures. I am getting kicked off the computer so if I don't make it back on before morning, I will be on as soon as I get home from the vball tourney.

Thanks so much, I don't know why your mini tut worked for me, but for some reason you spoke my language!
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